Mês: dezembro 2013

26 dez

Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur tem muito mais a oferecer do que apenas gigantes de aço e vidro.

Para a completa imersão na atmosfera local… Vá para as ruas…




22 dez


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Singapore is an island country, containing a single city-state.

This island was occupied by the British in 1819, becoming a warehouse of the East India Company.

During the 2nd World War it was taken by the Japanese, and recovered later by the British army. They were there until 1963.

For two years Singapore joined Malaysia, becoming independent later in 1965.

This melting pot of experiences and cultures is concentrated on an island with about 700km2 ..

Its many secrets and charms can only be discovered by audacious lenses, willing to venture through its crowded streets and alleyways.

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