F0181 - 2519 - 20110222 - Operantar29 Camp Deception

Antarctic II

This project was the result of a unique experience: a 45-day expedition during the Antarctic summer of 2010.

To get there I had to go through the dreaded Cape Horn, cross the Drake Passage and navigate at the Weddell Sea, full of icebergs.

This endeavor included to stay 20 days camped at Deception Island (62 ° 58’37 “S 60 ° 39’00” W), an island in a horseshoe shape that actually is the caldera of a huge underwater volcano.

The monotony of the island’s visual, where geography is basically formed by pyroclastic volcanic ash and slag, turned out to reveal a place of rare beauty.

Expeditions to Deception demand serious planning and precaution, as the volcano remains active, dating its very last activity from 1976, which, in geological terms, means that it was just a few seconds ago.

Also in Deception I explored the ruins of Port Foster, a former whaling station, taken by the British during World War II, later transformed into a research base, which ended up being completely destroyed during one of the volcano eruptions.

Check these out:

> Gallery: ICEBERGS e
> Gallery: PORT FOSTER

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