F0465- 351 - Escalada Marmolejo Andes - 20150109

Andes 2015


Last réveillon (14-15) I went to Chilean Andes, close to the Argentinean border, and climbed two impressives mountains:

  •  Nevado Juncal: 5.968m and
  •  Volcan Marmolejo: 6.108m.

Actually both mountains are volcanos and the last one is the southternmost Six Thousand of the world.

This was not a photographic expedition face to the difficulties of the climbing itself.

I was just carrying a pocket size camera, and with it I made all these shots.

The most impressive thing on both routes was to realize how close to Global Warming  Effects we are living nowadays.

The Andes are, in fact, getting melted. It’s a sad conclusion.

In one photo you can check it out: my altimeter and my thermometer are registering: 4.727m / 33ºC  or 15,508Ft / 92F.

Global Warming is not a problem for future generations …. It is already a problem for our generation.

To check this gallery out:

Gallery: VOLCANOS – CLIMBING / 2015

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