05 May


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LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

A good place to start to be an Angelano.

There you can find more than 150000 Works that will make your afternoon very pleaseant.

28 Apr


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There comes a time in life when we must take our dreams off the shelf and see what happens.
By themselves those dreams will not move out from there.
So, thinking this way, I decided to spend some time here, in Califórnia, and see my life from another perspective for the time being.

23 Jan

Cubatão’s Twilight

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“Crepúsculo de Cubatão” (Cubatao’s Twilight ) was the name of an old underground night club in Rio de Janeiro in the nineties.

It was located where it use to be the garage of a decadente and old building, at Copacabana.

Twenty five years later, heading to the south coast of São Paulo, after a break on the road to have a snack close to Cubatão, I faced the real Cubatão’s Twilight, an astonishing Sunset.

That is life making it’s own conexions. Turning on some points… Turning off others.

10 Jan

Marmolejo – Summit (20.040ft)

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January 10th – 11.45 a.m.

I am alone at the Summit of Volcán Marmolejo! Uau!!

I’m very happy with this achievement. The climbing was physically and mentally exhausting.

Fiquei muito feliz com toda a superação. Foi uma escalada bem cansativa.

– Volcán Marmolejo is the six thousand meters world’s southernmost

31 Dec

Nevado Juncal – 19.580ft – Andes

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New Year’s Day at Nevado Juncal (Chilean Andes).

At this incredible mountain it is easy to feel the effects of global warming. 

The last snowstorm here was 3 years ago. The mountain is melting and there will be no more water to the people bellow in this valley.

I think it’s is time to change it’s name…  (Nevado Juncal = Snowy Juncal).

It is too sad…

26 Dec


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Design and architecture are everywhere in this modern South American capital,  base of my Andean Expedition / 2015.

15 Aug


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I became very happy when I realized that I still remmember how to move around in this wonderful city.

A good whine, a good “jamon iberico’ and the nice opportunity to view one of the most incredible work of Picasso: Guernica was the perfect way to finish this birthday break that I gave to myself.

Lets move forward!

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