Extreme Photo ® Project

F0111 Antartica Volta _AVL0110

My deep relation with nature awoke inside me a great concern about the fragility of all ecosystems that I have visited, most of them seriously endangered. From this perspective raises my fascination for capturing images and stories from those environments  according to the guidelines of my own gaze.

And walking around such a diverse number of cultures, peoples and countries also brought to the scene the harmony and the beauty that men, when they want, can develop, integrating themselves peacefully with the planet we inhabit and on which we move from one side to another. Hence my interest and joyfulness for making images also from: interesting people, culture and places.

The EXTREME PHOTO ® Project is just an idea that I am developing, which has the ambition of connect all the dots surrounding me, dots that are inside and outside of me, thus giving meaning to everything I have done, seen and enjoyed with great pleasure and happiness.

The mission of Project EXTREME PHOTO ® became ambitiously:

“To employ all my set of skills, knowledge and experience in order to translate what I see and live in an aesthetic and plastic language, expressed thru a photographic and cinematography approach, thereby attracting attention and making people aware that there is a beautiful, but fragile world out there, which should be seen, enjoyed and preserved for future generations. ”  

The clear notion that we depend on our planet and not the opposite, and that men, moved by greed and just pure selfishness, don’t think about their future neither realize their own present, is a concern that I have.

I am willing and open minded to engage myself with people, groups and peaceful organizations, which also have these same concerns and have the same alignment of thoughts , and thus, contribute with them with all of my work.

In the other hand, I’ll have great satisfaction in receiving and sheltering under the concept EXTREME PHOTO ® all those who share the same ideals, principles and values, thus creating a perfect bond and synergy in favor of this kind of cause.

Please, get in touch - Fineart prints and Licesing are available upon request