Claudio Duek

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After two years living in Los Angeles / Hollywood, digging my toes in the filmmaking world, I am back to my base in São Paulo.

As an original “Carioca” (a native of Rio de Janeiro), I could always be found in and around nature, enjoying all the best we can have from it.

At the age of 8 I learned how to use my father’s camera, an old Hamano 35, and when I was 15 I became a mountain climber, a sport that I love.

Since then, I have been practicing mountaineering and many others activities related with nature, like speleology, paragliding, diving, skiing, off road driving and even airplane piloting….

My expeditions in search of special sites to perform these activities, led me to discover my whole country (Brazil) and many others places around the planet, including Antarctica. I have visited more than 230 parks and natural reserves spread around in about 40 countries.

However, after many trails, I realized that my spirit shifted from an explorer who liked to make pictures to a photographer who loves exploring…

And recently, beside my photographer soul , I would say I also incorporated a documentarian filmmaker temper, focused on environmental and wildlife issues, to my personality.

So, my passion can be translated into exploring all that is singular, unique, remote, unusual, lost, inaccessible… And beautiful… And bring back from there with amazing images and incredible stories. Images and stories that, for me, fit inside of the concept of Extreme: nature, people, cultures, places, outdoor sports and even machines.

Thus, taking advantage of an extensive experience as a mountain climber and explorer, and from my passion to all kind of image capturing styles, now I feel comfortable designating myself as a filmmaker and photographer. An Extreme Photo-Filmmaker.

Here I just want to share with you what I have seen out there with soma many pleasure.

You can also visit my filmmaking website: Extremestories ( Please, check it out!

I hope you enjoy it!

Please, get in touch - Fineart prints and Licesing are available upon request