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23 Sep

Into the Earth in Arizona

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Scanning “slots” in Navajo territory, Arizona, in search of a “light beam” … Light beams suddenly appear and disappear with the movement of the Sun.
Here, in these bowels of the Earth, where the Native Americans practiced their rituals and met spirits that protected them … There really is a special energy.

31 Dec

Nevado Juncal – 19.580ft – Andes

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New Year’s Day at Nevado Juncal (Chilean Andes).

At this incredible mountain it is easy to feel the effects of global warming. 

The last snowstorm here was 3 years ago. The mountain is melting and there will be no more water to the people bellow in this valley.

I think it’s is time to change it’s name…  (Nevado Juncal = Snowy Juncal).

It is too sad…

03 Aug

Mont Blanc II – 15.780 ft

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Mont Blanc II Expedition

The challenge was to return, twenty years later,  to the roof of Europe and, at this time using, the rout of the 4 big Summits:  Mont Blanc du Tacul, Mont Maudit, Mont Blanc e Dome du Gouter.
This second edition of the M Blanc,  15780 ft ascension, like my first one, was a success and it was my perfect birthday’s gift.


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