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23 Sep

Into the Earth in Arizona

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Scanning “slots” in Navajo territory, Arizona, in search of a “light beam” … Light beams suddenly appear and disappear with the movement of the Sun.
Here, in these bowels of the Earth, where the Native Americans practiced their rituals and met spirits that protected them … There really is a special energy.

09 Sep

Lake Powell- Utah

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Created in 1963 when the Glen Canyon Dam held back the waters of the Colorado River, Lake Powell is an important water resorvoir in America and also a wonderful place to be discovered and explored by land or water.

11 Mar

They need helpers

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This is the title of my last short documentary.

It is about the manatee issue in Florida/US

Unfortunately, every year, a small population of 6.000 manatees need to migrate to warm waters, in order to survive, during the winter.
However, the threat caused by watercrafts is a deadly challenge for them.

It will be online soon. Stay tuned!

Original soundtrack by: Billy Forguieri

02 Feb


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Gardiner (Montana/US) is going to be the location of my next documentar. Stay tuned!

04 Jul

Skull Rock

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Some places can be naturally scary… Skull Rock, at Joshua Tree National Park, California could be one of them!

24 Oct

The Red October

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Red is fire,

Red is passion

Red is heart

This is a journey in chase of the red at parks and roads of North Carolina

28 May

Yellowstone National Park

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There are unique places all over the world

The Yellowstone is one of them.

The oldest national park of the world is able to make surprises at each corner to the most travelled Globetrotter

Looking for images like this I drove over than 350 miles inside this wonderful place.

25 May

Close encouters of the third kind

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Devils Tower, the mountain that lives on the mind of anyone who has watched that old movie during the eighties and had dreams about ETs.

The place is unique. I enjoyed it


03 Apr

Southern Roads

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A route of magnificent natural parks in southern Brazil, beautiful scenery and strong emotions, that would change forever the course of life …

08 Jan

Thai – Bankok

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Tuk Tuk crazy ride!

If you want to live an experience …

Live it completely!