Month: August 2012

21 Aug


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Only 529 fortunate people are allowed to live at this astonishing Italian “comuna” named Portofino, the heart of Liguria.

This emerald water paradise, is the perfect place for snorkeling and to correct your tanning at nice beaches full of Italian beauty

Ask for a cold Pinot Grigio and take some time to photos of the exuberante nature, the charming constructions and whoever be with you.


19 Aug


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Saint Paul de Ubaye, France. The perfect departure for trekkings and raftings.

I had the opportunity to camp here on a memorable night with a crystal clear sky full of stars . The perfect wine, the perfect cheese and everything else a good life can provide to us.



10 Aug

Chamonix & Mont Blanc

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To take some time here, which is for me the most beautiful alpine city, made me very happy.

Chamonix is almost the same city since my last visit 20 years ago.

May be I have changed more the it…

I’m leaving this place with more inner peace than when I arrive.

Having been fortunate to remake the journey to the summit of Mont Blanc and enjoy this view from my window, lowly photographed with my cell phone … It’s something that I can not describe in words.

Thank you Chamonix. See you later.

06 Aug


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It is a small lost city in the middle of the Valais Canton, located in Val d’Herens / Swiss (not Val d’Isère / France).

This is a place where the time forgot… Most of the houses were built on solid pillars of century-old wood, and thus protect the cattle down and avoid climbers mices.

It’s hard to understand what people say because, although the French is official language, people here speak a local version of Arpitan.

And be aware when asking for the local speciality: polenta. Polenta use to be a famous italian recipe, made from potato. But here it is is just a chic version of a hot bread with cheese.

03 Aug

Mont Blanc II – 15.780 ft

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Mont Blanc II Expedition

The challenge was to return, twenty years later,  to the roof of Europe and, at this time using, the rout of the 4 big Summits:  Mont Blanc du Tacul, Mont Maudit, Mont Blanc e Dome du Gouter.
This second edition of the M Blanc,  15780 ft ascension, like my first one, was a success and it was my perfect birthday’s gift.


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